Creepy thoughts to ponder on Holloween?

Most of the time we wonder if there are still certain thoughts that would scare us. Well the following definitely gave me goosebumps!

** 1 **

** 2 **

** 3 **

** 4 **

** 5 **

** 6 **

** 7 **

** 8 **

** 9 **

** 10 **

Too disturbed to sleep now? Share it with a friend and give them nightmares too.

Mock Calls Sample Script for BPO interview

For the benefit of my readers and for those people who are looking for CALL CENTER MOCK CALLS SCRIPT SAMPLES. You can check the ones below that you can practice with your family or friends, as you prepare for a Call Center Interview. It will help you boost your confidence, as you pursue your career in the Call Center Industry.

A couple suddenly makes out in the middle of a riot?

This photo was taken by photographer Richard Lam as violence erupted following the Canucks 4-0 defeat by the Boston Bruins. The couple have been identified as Australian Scott Jones and his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas.

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